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Indoor Planting Machine Study

A home appliance manufacturer wanted to verify consumer acceptance of indoor planting, to be clear about target users and to design and refine the concept product which would enable consumers to easily grow vegetables at home.

Industry: Home Appliance
Method/Process: Focus Group & Home visit & Gang survey

New Drive Study

This study was to provide the actionable strategic guidelines to the new cockpit design for cars after 2028 by understanding the onboarding process of a new car, focusing on cockpit experience.

Industry: Automotive
Method/Process: Shop along & Diary & Interview

Human Albumin Ethnography Study

The client would like to deeply understand the current market situation about human albumin, an ethnography study was conducted to gather insights about user journey, information sources, key factors which impact brand selection and new concept evaluation.

Industry: Healthcare
Method/Process: Interview & Field Visit

Game Positioning Study

The study was to position an emulator for parallel computer and mobile gamers who are intended to project the mobile game on PC end. The client wanted to compare concepts performance and to investigate users’ likes and dislikes.

Industry: Technology
Method/Process: Gang Survey

UI Competitive Analysis

A global home appliance manufacturer created a futuristic and innovative user interface design for Chinese market. It aimed to fulfill the highest expectation of Chinese consumers both in design language and usability.

Industry: Home Appliance
Method/Process: Interview & Gang Survey & Usability Test

Car HMI Driving Simulator Test

One global leading car manufacturer had developed a new in-car system for the cars to be launched in 2030. This study aimed to see whether the drivers could use the in-car system safely in both standing and driving situation and how they perceived the new display.

Industry: Automotive
Method/Process: Usability Test

Infusion Pump Human Factors Summative Evaluation

The purpose of this human factors summative evaluation was to demonstrate that the tested pump system can be used safely and effectively for intended users, uses, and use environments.

Industry: Healthcare
Method/Process: Summative Evaluation

Touchpad Ergonomics Study

This study was to evaluate the ergonomics of different notebook touchpads to know the user preference, including the required click force, touchpad size, palm rest size, accidental click and click sound.

Industry: Technology
Method/Process: Gang Survey

Dishwasher Rack Usability Test

This study was to understand whether consumers could sense the real benefits brought by these new design features and to identify relevant usability issues, also understanding consumers’ behaviors and patterns of putting tableware to help refine the rack design.

Industry: Home Appliance
Method/Process: Interview & Usability Test & UX Score

Standing Vehicle Innovation Workshop

The client expected to enrich the use scenarios to further improve the value of standing vehicles. They would like to know user acceptance to the idea in different countries and to collect more innovative concepts, which could be refined and evaluated in future studies.

Industry: Automotive
Method/Process: Workshop

Eye Care Professionals Study

The client would like to learn how the current suite of analogue & digital tools is used, experienced and rated, as well as to uncover requirements and needs on a functional and emotional level to get a better understanding of how they could be better supported.

Industry: Healthcare
Method/Process: Interview

Smartphone Shopper Study with Eye-tracking

The client upgraded its counter in offline stores for smartphones for a better shopping experience. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the performance of new counter design and decoration as well as to find out its impact on the shopping experience.

Industry: Technology
Method/Process: Shop-along test & Eye-tracking

Mattress Cleaning Segmentation Study

The client would like to understand the current experience of consumers of mattress and indoor cleaning, so as their perception of hygiene and cleanliness of bed and house environment, to find the opportunity of new launched products and to optimize the concepts.

Industry: Home Appliance
Method/Process: Interview & Focus Group

Keyless Concept Test

Clients would like to understand how is the feedback of the 10 new keyless concepts and what are the benefits participants are seeing in these scenarios to improve the concepts afterwards.

Industry: Automotive
Method/Process: Interview

Amblyopia Treatment Exploratory Test

The study comprised an exploratory test to investigate the current treatment approaches that the physicians had applied and the patients’ attitude towards the new online game treatment of amblyopia which could be used on the digital platforms.

Industry: Healthcare
Method/Process: Interview & Field Visit

Auto Cook Innovation Study

The study was to understand the potential user lifestyle, use scenario, motivation and purchase channels of future auto cook product and to provide the actionable design guidelines and positioning advices to the auto cook products.

Industry: Home Appliance
Method/Process: Home Visit & Ethnography &Interview & Co-creation workshop


Whose Common Sense Is It Anyway?

When encountering others with divergent environments, we fail to recognize differences in formative experiences. This underscores the need for empathy in an interconnected world - the ability to understand life beyond our own perspective amid varied realities.

Maffee Wan
April 2024

Unlocking the Hidden Potential: Beyond Transportation, What Else Can a Car Be?

The development of intelligent cabins and the diverse demands of users have brought unprecedented opportunities to Chinese car manufacturers. The concept of creating a "third space" has now been put into practice by many automotive brands.

Marie Chen
January 2024

Today, I "interviewed" ChatGPT

We want to share our understanding and thoughts regarding how we, as UX researchers, can or should know about ChatGPT (and the broader AI concept) and how to work with it.

Maffee Wan
February 2023

About Research Ethics

In our interviews or experiments, might suffer from physical and psychological “damages”, whether minor or major.

Maffee Wan
June 2022

The Entire Process of Automotive Channel Change

In the presence of multiple channels, which channel has the greatest impact on consumers' decision-making, when does it occur, and what type of assistance does it provide to enhance consumers' driving satisfaction.

Ann Zhang
June 2021

Smartphone on Wheel

With the presence of various new features, how do new car owners learn about them? How much time will it take? What issues will be encountered? What factors will affect their expectations of these features?

Ann Zhang
June 2020


VR test

We did a test for home appliance by using VR. Participants try figure out the best position to locate the new product.

Dentistry device evaluation

We interview the dentist to figure out their work flow with the target medical devices.

Eye-tracking in dynamic driving

We evaluate the drivers' distraction by using eyetracking devices to analyse their vision focus in real time.

Physical interaction

We observe how people do craftwork and find out the pattern of the physical interaction.

In-car interview

We use an elaborate and fully vetted setting for automotive studies. Sessions can be streamed from moving cars as well.

In-car operation

We observe and note user behaviour when they do in-car operation and find out whether their driving performance was affected.

Game controllers evaluation

People demostrate, compare and evaluate the different version of game controllers.

Website usability testing

Usually, we do website usability testing by design a series of tasks to the participants, then evaluate their performance and investigate their feedbacks.

Demo of an insulin pen test

This is a demo of the process to test the insulin pen accessories. We evaluate the performance when people using the insulin pen with different accessories.

Simulated driving

In our simulation lab, we are able to provide a realistic scenario to evaluate key factors when driving.