Infusion Pump Human Factors Summative Evaluation

Method/Process: Summative Evaluation

Liam Miao 5 min. read

Business Question

The purpose of this human factors summative evaluation was to demonstrate that the tested pump system (including LVP, syringe pump, infusion workstation) can be used safely and effectively for intended users, uses, and use environments.


The evaluation included 22 representative clinicians in two different user groups: 15 registered nurses and 7 anesthesiologists.

Participants were divided into 3 groups and completed a set of tasks accordingly. In the end, each task was performed by 15 participants.

Each participant received a training session followed by a training decay period that lasted 1 hour, and then completed a test session that lasted 1-2 hours depending on different professional roles.

Two test rooms were set up to simulate patient rooms. Each one had two patient beds with manikins and was separated by partitions. The IFU was provided to participants during the test.


From this study, we found most of the communication with doctors and the purchase journey about human albumin happened to patients’ family. Users could absorb relevant knowledge from doctors. But it was pharmacy staff who largely decided the brand users got.

The purchase journey differed in two cities. Sometimes users could get albumin without prescriptions in pharmacies.

Personas were created according to different levels of albumin knowledge. Advanced users showed less interest in the new concept.

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