New Drive Study

Method/Process: Shop along & Diary & Interview

Liam Miao 5 min. read

Business Question

This study was to provide the actionable strategic guidelines to the new cockpit design for cars after 2028. It was to understand the onboarding process of a new car, focusing on cockpit experience.

We were aiming at identifying the pain points and areas of improvement. The ultimate goal was to get a thorough and systematic understanding on how to provide a great cockpit experience from day one.


Stage 1- Mystery shopping and heuristic evaluation – At the first stage, we shopped with participants in the dealer store to observe what’s their focus during selecting and how they would explore in a new model in a short time.

Stage 2- Ride along + Diary + Follow up Interview– On day one, we picked up the new car along with the participants and undertook one-hour interview to understand their actual feeling when they first drove the car as his/hers.

Then we finished a two-week diary with participants via communication on phone everyday to update their experience produced in daily usage.

At the end of the two weeks, we conducted a follow up interview to summary the 14 days’ key findings and discuss with the owners both pros and cons they encountered with in the new car.


Understand how car owners behave toward a brand new model in the first two weeks as well as their motivations and mindset underlying these actions.

Learn the online and offline channels users utilized for auto information searching and study the efficiency, reliability and helpfulness of problem solving that they perceived in each channel.

Eventually construct an ideally onboarding process as well as provide a proper design principle merged with utmost affordance and acceptance as the final delivery.

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