Game Positioning Study

Method/Process: Gang Survey

Liam Miao 5 min. read

Business Question

The study was to position an emulator for parallel computer and mobile gamers who are intended to project the mobile game on PC end. The client wanted to compare the performance of two versions of concepts and to investigate users’ likes and dislikes given the features and conditions derived from the concepts.

Final idea was to optimize the concept of emulator based on the understanding of their current usage habits to perfectly meet users’ requirements and expectations.


Our team tested the new concepts with three different groups.

Mass audience, N=18, normal users who played both on PC and Mobile but not in a frequent basis. Age: 45-60

Core gamer, N=18, heavy users who played on PC and Mobile both over 10+ hrs per week. Age: 18-45 Emulator users, N=18, current emulator users.


Understand how users anticipate and focus on the game performance, such as better control and social features, to collect the aiming features of the final product.

Identify the high-demanded benefits of concepts and reduce the redundant for current users and intenders.

Discuss with users mainly about the differences between the developing concepts to refine any existing flaws and to remain the value in the concepts, eventually to construct a minimally great product on the analysis of the concept as final delivery.

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