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Iconic UI Competitive Analysis

Method/Process: Interview & Gang Survey & Usability Test

Liam Miao 5 min. read

Business Question

A global home appliance manufacturer created a futuristic and innovative iconic user interface design for Chinese market. It aimed to fulfill the highest expectation of Chinese consumers both in design language and usability.

The new UI design focused on large household appliances including oven/steamer, washer/dryer, fridge and hood.

This study was to understand how Chinese consumers would perceive the new UI design stories and identify the best one.


The study consisted of two phases. Both quantitative and qualitative researches were conducted in each phase.

The quantitative research was implemented with a gang survey of 128 participants who were TFT owners. It focused on the evaluation of visual design in which individual screen was shown one by one and ratings on positive/negative attributes were collected for each design story.

20 participants were selected from the gang survey to join the 1-on-1 in-depth interview which lasted for 75-90 minutes. Participants had real interaction with the UI designs and shared their thoughts on the preference of different elements. Usability issues were recorded in detail.

[Field Work Photo]


The results of phase 1 showed that all the three designs had no severe usability issues. But one design was eliminated due to fewer supporters for its aesthetics.

The remaining two designs had a close match in phase 2. Recommendations were given respectively for color, pictures, visual effect, icons & symbols, text, layout and features.

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