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UX & HF research

User Experience (UX) aims beyond aesthetics or acceptance. It focuses on effectiveness, efficiency, satisfaction, safety, and emotion. UX research drives consumer-centric design, resulting in a best-in-class experience that wins market share. UX is systems-focused, not style-focused. It uncovers insights to craft seamless, meaningful journeys. UX determines how easy, helpful, risk-free and emotionally compelling a product will be.

Human Factors (HF) encompasses the cognitive usability and physical ergonomics elements of humans-products interactions. Our objective is to pinpoint the areas where these elements fail during the use of your product, and devise solutions to address these issues. Conducting early testing aids in directing your design process, resulting in fewer unforeseen challenges later on.


Explore user behavior through naturalistic observation to better understand operational context of use and uncover workflows. Ethnographic research methods gather in-situ observations to develop a deeper understanding of user behaviors and processes as they interact with a product, system, or service.

Contextual inquiry

Take a deep dive into use scenarios to capture rich, in-the-moment data through direct observation of users’ behaviors in their natural environment. Contextual inquiry is an ethnographic method employing direct observation coupled with in-depth interviews to gain a holistic understanding of user practices and behaviors.

Diary studies

AAn ethnographic method, diary studies are used to document the evolution of an experience over an extended period of time to identify opportunities for enhancement. Diary studies unveil the attitudes of users as they engage with products and services and log their activities as they occur.

Focus groups

Leverage the combined experience of groups to capture attitudinal and aspirational data. Focus groups gather feedback from a group of 6-8 participants to understand perceptions of and what is desired from a product or service.

Longitudinal studies

Understand how behaviors and use are shaped over time. Longitudinal studies can start at many different points, from the initial unboxing of a product to evaluating a design concept, and understand how users change, adapt or improve use over time. These studies can be iterative in nature and typically involve interviewing the same users over weeks or months.

Formative usability testing

Progress product design rapidly with insights gleaned from small-scale iterative usability testing and prepare for future validation. Formative usability testing identifies what works well and what does not in an interface or product and why issues occur.


Understand how the usability of your product compares to predicate or similar products by conducting benchmarking studies. Benchmarking measures a product’s user experience in comparison to a preceding version of the product, competitors, industry standards, or determined goals.

Co-creating workshop

Ensure that design insights are not lost in translation by engaging designers and key stakeholders in workshops based on the outcomes from formative testing. Design workshops foster ideation between individuals with various perspectives as well as ensure that these insights are appropriate, apply to existing infrastructure, and are properly prioritized.


a wide variety of industries
entire product development lifecycle

Realistic simulation

Creating simulated environments that closely resemble the real world.

Open mindset

Encouraging creativity, collaboration, and openness to new ideas.

Quality system

Setting up procedures to ensure that services meet quality standards.

Natural behaviour

Observing how behavior changes responding to the interaction with products naturally.

Solid Performance

Consistently delivery of quality results that meet or exceed expectations.

Rapidly iteration

Quickly adapting changes and making improvements based on user testing and feedback.


We have gained insight into diverse approaches and concepts when it comes to advising automotive OEMs in their development of car interfaces. The continuous crossover OEM experience has given us the chance to further our car-HMI expertise.
We have worked in complex, global scale projects with some of the top brand names in the past years like Audi, BMW, Honda, Mercedes Benz, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo and others.

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We specialize in both formative and summative research studies. We have extensive experience in interviewing medical professionals, patients, and caregivers in different settings, such as UX labs, hospitals, and simulated patient rooms.
Our expertise enables us to identify the root-cause of issues and provide clear recommendations to our global healthcare clients, ensuring the development and delivery of safe, user-friendly, and compliant medical devices.

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Home Appliance

Our aim is to enhance the living environment of residents through the design of their homes and the appliances within them. With a focus on intuitive, relaxed, and intelligent design, we bring a wealth of expertise to every project.
Our extensive experience working with top home appliance manufacturers from across the globe has allowed us to deliver a wide range of projects, from conventional appliances to cutting-edge innovations. Our research process is designed to uncover key insights into how people interact with their appliances.

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We work closely with technology companies to ensure that their products meet market demands and deliver intended user value. Our team has collaborated with leading technology companies worldwide to evaluate a range of products, covering a wide range of scales, topics, and audiences.
Our strong computing skills and background also allow us to understand how engineers think. This helps us bridge the gap between end-users and developers and ultimately shape a better technological landscape.Our goal is to make technology more accessible, user-friendly, and enjoyable for everyone.

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In addition to standard UX and HF projects for various domains, we take pride in our unique design-thinking mindset and creative solutions for "abnormal" challenges. Our passion for making the impossible possible drives us to approach each project with excitement and curiosity, seeking insights that can spark innovation and positive change. We continuously think outside the box and push boundaries throughout the project, ensuring that our deliverables are distinctive and valuable.

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